Saturday, February 25, 2012

YeeHaw macarons!

I had a fun day visiting with friends in downtown Knoxville this afternoon.

We tried to go to The French Market Creperie to get some yummy crepes - but apparently lots of other people had the same idea!  That place was packed!  I do some embroidery for them and had to make sure to say hello to the owner, Susan.  She's amazing!  I'm so excited that the Tate's business is doing so well!  Before I left, Susan was so kind and gave me some REAL macarons to take home!  I have yet to make macarons, but it's on my "to do" list for this year.

My favorite flavors were the lemon and raspberry - but they were all amazing.  Thanks, Susan!!!

We grabbed some lunch at Nama Sushi Bar, and then I had to bid them farewell.  Miss you girls already!

Before heading home, I had to stop at YeeHaw Industries.  Why had I not been in there before?!  I read tons of design blogs and YeeHaw's sensational letterpress designs have gotten mentions from quite a few of them.  And they're right here in K-Town!  And what a wonderful shop.  Full of original designs printed on t-shirts, cards, stationary, calendars - and my favorite - allll the posters.  Posters in every size you can think of, tons of different designs - so many different colors.  I'd love a whole room of YeeHaw posters thank you very much.

Here's my haul from today.  One of the co-owners, Kevin Bradley was manning the shop and I was just taken aback by his generous hospitality!  Besides signing my Woody Guthrie Folk Festival print there on the spot, he GAVE me the "Butter My Butt" print AND the retro notecards AND the YeeHaw prints!  I love this shop and hope to do lots of gift buying here in the future. My favorite print from today is definitely the Woody Guthrie print.

What a lovely day!

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