Wednesday, February 8, 2012

making points.

I took a quilting class last month and learned how to cut, piece, and press in order to get the most perfect points in my quilt blocks!

Here is the sampler I made - I took the scrappy route:

After I cut out all of my flying geese and the points for my stars for the above sampler, I was left with a stack of triangles, which I sewed into these...

which I sewed into this!

a fun zig zag mini quilt! (I did NOT square up the HST's - so points aren't quite as nice on this one)  This mini just *may* be up to win as a door prize at the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild's Meet & Greet this month - so stop by if you have the time!

I decided to big stitch hand quilt the pointy sampler, and am finding myself in need of a needlebook/sewing kit of sorts.  Digging through some of my old stuff today, I found this cute piggy cd case that is just begging to be reincarnated into a sewing kit!

Do you think you can help me figure out how to make it that sort of thing?  Here are what the insides look like.

The only thing I was thinking is that maybe I could sew some felt to the CD sleeves for pins and needles.  And of course sew in some kind of loop to hold tiny scissors...and then I draw a blank.  Any other ideas out there?


  1. Can you attach a magnet to the inside? That might make a good place for laying down needles when you need to answer the phone, etc. You could also line one of the cd sleeves to put scissors in, rather than a loop. The will keep the scissor tip from scratching/poking holes in your kit.

    1. oo!! Magnets are a GREAT idea! And I hadn't thought about the scissors poking holes....thanks, Sarah!