Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Well, cleaning is what I SHOULD be doing.  Instead, I'm having fun with some of my fabric!

I've been working hard to hand quilt my pointy sampler - in the "big stitch" style.  I LOVE it.  I mean, the quilting just makes this quilt. The quilting is about 80% complete at this point - not much further to go!  I couldn't find pearl cotton anywhere locally (I'm probably just looking in the wrong places) - so ended up buying a thin crochet yarn that (so far) has worked just fine. 

And here's something teensy I whipped up yesterday!

Yeah.  It's pretty awesome and rainbowy.  These tiny squares finished up at 1".  I had them pre-cut for the Tokyo Subway Map Quilt Along that I haven't finished.  I just organized them by color and value and BAM.  instant awesome.

I added a white border, and proceeded to attempt some straight line quilting.

Looks good from this angle, no?

But alas, I had some major problems with the top shifting while I was quilting.  And I ended up with this:

Still pretty cute.  But just "off" enough to make me wince.  If anyone as any suggestions about how to keep this from happening in the future - I'm all ears?  I used a walking foot, spray baste and the quilt was so TINY I can't beLIEVE it still shifted.  So yeah - definitely need help on that.

One last thing!  We're hosting a modern block of the month for the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild!  Here's the whole quilt:

So far, I've drafted up the patterns for 2 blocks - so here are the links to those patterns, followed by my blocks!

It's so fun to see how everyone's blocks are turning out!!  And I'm so glad everyone is being so patient with me and my beginning pattern writing skills.  :)  If you sew one out, let me know!  I'd love to see it!


  1. Hey Miss Emily, Sometimes it helps to change direction every few lines when you straight line quilt. It is still adorable!

  2. Your little quilt is beautiful. It's been my experience, whether i straight line or free motion quilt, it's always best to start in the center and work my way out. I have tried changing directions and it made things really funky... fortunately when i washed it, all the crinkles disguised the weird spots. Your modern BOM looks really great! I'll have to suggest that for us to do in 2013.

  3. Love the sampler quilt! Will you be posting patterns for all of the blocks? I just might have to make them all!

  4. Hey Girl! It's Bianca! I met you at Quiltcon. :) Hope that you have made it home safely. I just love your blog! I have marked it in my google reader...I hope that maybe our guilds can do something fun together. xoxo....

    1. Hey Bianca! I had so much fun chatting with you! I hope you made it home safely as well. Our guilds definitely need to get together! And I need to blog more. All in time, I suppose!